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The average home sacrifices approximately 30% of heated/cooled air to holes, leaks, and flaws in the duct system. You not only end up paying far more every month, but live with diminished comfort and air quality concerns.

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Hot and cold spots, unpleasant smells, more frequent need for cleaning, excess humidity, and even safety hazards are consequences of leaking ducts. Plus, your HVAC system needs to work much harder and run longer, resulting in wear and tear, malfunction, and premature failure.

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If you’re in any way suspicious your ductwork isn’t in pristine condition, give Rome Aire Services, Inc a call at (561) 482-7495. We’ve got the industry-proven equipment, technology, and training to accurately assess the duct system and provide cost-effective recommendations. The sealing process is quick, non-invasive, and resolves all manner of holes throughout the entirety of the system. You’ll notice an improvement immediately and enjoy the benefits year after year. Rome Aire Services, Inc offers prompt scheduling, quick turnaround, and exceptional job performance throughout Southeastern Florida.

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Duct Sealing Service

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